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With User-generated Content on the Rise, Platforms are Emerging to Support This New Type of Creator

Posted: 09-17-2021 | Author: Staff Report
Digiday reports: “As the definition of user-generated content (UGC) expands, dedicated platforms are emerging to support this new type of creator. These nascent platforms are more than just places to create and share user-generated content: rather, they combine elements of talent management, venture capital and marketing to help UGC creators turn a profit.” Read More

Streaming Service Locast Permanently Barred From Operation

Posted: 09-17-2021 | Author: Staff Report
The Verge reports: “Things looked bad for Locast before, and they just got even worse. A judge this week permanently prohibited streamer Locast from continuing operations of its business, a decision that follows a yearslong legal standoff between major broadcasters and the scrappy streaming provider.” Read More

Though Still Under the Radar, Gaming is Now Huge for Music Discovery

Posted: 09-17-2021 | Author: Staff Report
Hypebot reports: “While radio once reigned supreme for music discovery, the digital age has caused these discovery points to change and evolve several times. Most recently, gaming has begun to draw the attention of a key demographic, although many in the industry have yet to notice.” Read More

Tune in Whenever You Want: How TV Marketing Has Changed in the On-Demand Era

Posted: 09-17-2021 | Author: Staff Report
Variety reports: “Each fall, as part of a long-held ritual, TV networks release dozens of new programs — and dozens of gimmicks, promotions, and marketing schemes to call attention to them. As more TV viewers become digital streamers, however, there are questions about whether these outlandish stunts still have a place in the TV firmament.” […]

TikTok Owner ByteDance Readies New Music Streaming App in China

Posted: 09-17-2021 | Author: Staff Report
Music Business Worldwide reports: “TikTok owner ByteDance is planning to a launch a new music streaming service in China later this year.The music service, currently under development, is dubbed ‘Luna’ internally and is provisionally named ‘Feilo’.” Read More

Google Reportedly Plans to Add Free Channels to its Smart TV Platform

Posted: 09-17-2021 | Author: Staff Report
TechCrunch reports: “Chromecasts and other devices powered by Google TV might give users access to free television channels in the future. According to Protocol, Google has been in talks with free, ad-supported streaming television providers about the possibility of adding their channels to its smart TV platform.” Read More

Avalanche Raises $230 Million from Private Sale of AVAX Tokens

Posted: 09-16-2021 | Author: Staff Report
TechCrunch reports: “Avalanche, a relatively new blockchain with a focus on speed and low transactions costs, has completed a $230 million private sale of AVAX tokens to some well-known crypto funds. Polychain and Three Arrows Capital are leading the investment.” Read More

TinyBuild Acquires Bad Pixel for $17.1M

Posted: 09-16-2021 | Author: Staff Report reports: “TinyBuild has entered into an agreement to acquire another development studio, Bad Pixel. The Bad Pixel team is currently working on Deadside, a post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter for PC, which in Early Access on Steam.” Read More

Dance Music NFT Platform RCRDSHP Closes Multi-Million Dollar Seed Round Backed by the Buyers of $69M Beeple Digital Art Piece

Posted: 09-16-2021 | Author: Staff Report
Music Business Worldwide reports: “The NFT market has exploded in 2021 and today brings news of yet another multi-million dollar funding round for a digital collectables platform. RCRDSHP, an NFT platform for electronic music, has closed its first investment round, which the platform reports to be a “multi-million dollar” seed round.” Read More

Mobile Premier League Raises $150 Million

Posted: 09-16-2021 | Author: Staff Report reports: “Esports platform Mobile Premier League has raised $150 million in a Series E round valuing the company at $2.3 billion.” Read More