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Piracy Is Not The Problem, Free YouTube and Spotify Are, says Music Industry Trade Group

Posted: 07-22-2019 | Author: Staff Report
Hypebot reports: “With efforts to fight music piracy seen as largely successful, at least one music trade group executive is saying out loud what others in the industry have only dared whisper – the real problem keeping artists and labels from earning more from music isn’t stream-ripping, it is the free music offered by Spotify […]

Nintendo Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Joy-Con Drifting Defect

Posted: 07-22-2019 | Author: Staff Report reports: “A class action lawsuit is being prepared against Nintendo of America as complaints spread of a defect with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. Widely referred to as ‘drifting’, the issue centers around a problem with the analogue stick where it will register movement even if the player is not controlling it.” Read more 

Meaningful Meet ups: Is VR The Future Of Social Connection?

Posted: 07-22-2019 | Author: Staff Report
Forbes reports: “With an estimated 3.5 billion users globally, social media has revolutionized how we connect with each other. Through the likes of Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, people from different parts of the world can share snapshots of their lives and hang out in the digital world. But, where will people connect in the future?” Read more

Streaming Platform Iflix, Rival To Netflix In Emerging Markets, Raises $50M+ Ahead Of Potential IPO

Posted: 07-22-2019 | Author: Staff Report
Deadline reports: “Video streaming platform Iflix, which competes with Netflix in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets, says it has raised more than $50M in its latest funding round.” Read more

FX, National Geographic Blackout Averted as Dish, Disney Continue Negotiations

Posted: 07-22-2019 | Author: Staff Report
Hollywood Reporter reports: “FX and National Geographic channels avoided a blackout on Dish Network as negotiations with Disney over carriage fees continued as the deadline passed at midnight. The networks involved in the dispute include FX, FXX, FXM, National Geographic and National Geographic Wild, all cable channels acquired by the Walt Disney Co. when it purchased […]

Microsoft Invests $1 Billion In OpenAI To Pursue Holy Grail Of Artificial Intelligence

Posted: 07-22-2019 | Author: Staff Report
The Verge reports: “Microsoft is investing $1 billion in OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research lab founded by Silicon Valley luminaries, including Elon Musk and Sam Altman, that’s dedicated to creating artificial general intelligence (AGI). The investment will make Microsoft the “exclusive” provider of cloud computing services to OpenAI, and the two companies will work together […]

Social Media, Vanity Metrics, and The Push For Quality Over Quantity

Posted: 07-19-2019 | Author: Staff Report
VentureBeat reports: “To say that social media is not in the best of places at the moment would be something of an understatement. Trolling, abuse, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and terrorism have become increasingly active, and the companies behind these platforms — despite some efforts — are largely failing to stay in control.” Read more

Shari Redstone’s Vision of a Merged CBS-Viacom Begins to Take Shape

Posted: 07-19-2019 | Author: Staff Report
Hollywood Reporter reports: “CBS’ plan to acquire Viacom for up to $15.4 billion could be announced Aug 8, giving is controlling shareholder the ability to leverage IP like ‘Star Trek’ across film and TV to better compete with Disney, Netflix and the rest.” Read more

Indies On Steam Are Betting On Discoverability

Posted: 07-19-2019 | Author: Staff Report reports: “It’s been a rough year for indies on Steam. To be fair, many of the 12 indie developers I’ve spoken to over the last six months might gently rap on my window and inform me that, no, it’s been a rough several years for indies on Steam.” Read more

STX Nears Deal to Secure Saudi Arabia Financing

Posted: 07-19-2019 | Author: Staff Report
Hollywood Reporter reports: “Following a string of box-office duds, STX Entertainment will shore up its cashflow with an investment from Saudi Arabia. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter a deal between the country’s Public Investment Fund and STX is nearly complete.” Read more