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THQ Nordic acquires Black Forest Games

Posted: 08-21-2017 | Author: Staff Report reports: “In separate deals, THQ Nordic has acquired 100% of the shares in development studio Black Forest Games and a number of its intellectual properties. The share deal is being handled by THQ Nordic GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria; under the deal, the company will gain 100% of the company, the five founders will […]

Taylor Swift Ends Social Media Blackout With Cryptic Reptile Tail Tease

Posted: 08-21-2017 | Author: Staff Report
Billboard reports: “Taylor Swift‘s retreat from social media didn’t last long. After unexpectedly blanking out her online accounts on Friday (Aug. 18), Swift was back online on Monday morning (Aug. 21) with a tantalizing tease that once again sent Swifties into a frenzy. There wasn’t much to go on, but at around 11 a.m. ET, a 10-second […]

Microsoft’s Windows Store is full of illegal movie and TV streaming apps

Posted: 08-21-2017 | Author: Staff Report
The Verge reports: “Microsoft’s Windows Store has been full of junk apps for years, but a new problem has emerged with apps providing access to pirated movies and TV shows. Torrent Freak reports that some apps run across PCs, mobile, and even Xbox One, and provide quick access to movies that aren’t even on legal streaming platforms. There’s […]

Samsung launches Gear VR app Relúmĭno that aids the visually impaired

Posted: 08-21-2017 | Author: Staff Report
The Verge reports: “Back in February, Samsung’s tech incubator C-Lab announced visual aid app Relúmĭno was coming for Gear VR, and now it’s available in the Oculus Store. The app can be downloaded for free with a verification code and works with newer models of Galaxy smartphones — including the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, and S8 Plus. Relúmĭno […]

Microsoft’s New Xbox One X Goes Up for Pre-Order

Posted: 08-21-2017 | Author: Staff Report
Variety reports: “Microsoft is giving Xbox fans a first chance to order the next version of the company’s game console, and rewarding early birds with something special: The Xbox One X went up for pre-orders online today. The device comes with more powerful hardware than the original Xbox One, including a 172MHz graphics processing engine capable of processing 6 teraflops. […]

HTC cuts Vive price to $600 as an answer to Facebook’s Oculus Rift discounts

Posted: 08-21-2017 | Author: Staff Report
Venture Beat reports: “In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, HTC announced a permanent price reduction for its Vive virtual reality headset. Starting today, it will drop from $800 to $600. The announcement comes a month or so after Facebook slashed the prices for the Oculus Rift headset and Oculus Touch controllers, bundling them for $400. HTC […]

Weinstein Company Launches Mizchief Animated Film Label

Posted: 08-18-2017 | Author: Staff Report
Deadline Hollywood reports: “The Weinstein Company will put a new film logo, Mizchief, on the August 25 release of Leap!, and will use it to make more animated films, TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein announced. ‘Animation is a playful new direction for us and I’m thrilled to expand the TWC repertoire into a whole new category of films for our kids […]

Australian Courts Order Blocking of 59 Piracy Sites

Posted: 08-18-2017 | Author: Staff Report
Variety reports: “In major victories for Hollywood and the local film industries, Australian federal courts have ordered the country’s major telecoms and Internet providers to block access to 59 websites that carry pirated film and TV content. The studios and distributors have been fighting legal battles Down Under for several years. The decisions came in […]

Wargaming will stream 1,000 hours of World of Tanks gameplay on Facebook Live

Posted: 08-18-2017 | Author: Staff Report
Venture Beat reports: “World of Tanks is rolling out on your newsfeed. Wargaming is partnering with Facebook to stream over 1,000 hours of video centered on its popular take on online shooters. In addition to livestreams of gameplay, this deal includes historical content, interviews with players, and coverage of esports events, such as the World of […]

Apple and Hollywood said to continue talks around early digital movie rentals

Posted: 08-18-2017 | Author: Staff Report
Tech Crunch reports: “Movie studios including Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures continue to hold talks with Apple and Comcast about plans to introduce premium digital rentals for new movies only a few weeks after their theatrical debut, Bloomberg reports. The talks continue even though powerful players in the mix aren’t on board – theater chain operators, […]