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AppRedeem Introduces Smug Messenger: A WhatsApp Alternative
/ April 1, 2014 5:18 pm

SmugMessengerTechCrunch reports that AppRedeem, the creator of AppTrailers, has launched a new mobile messaging app, Smug Messenger. The messaging app is intended to operate on any mobile device, including those without a phone number attached, like a Wi-Fi-only iPad, for instance. AppRedeem is a service that lets users to view puzzle videos about mobile applications. On the other hand, Smug Messenger supports photo morphing, photo doodles, read receipts, group chats, a Tap to Talk feature (voice messaging), offline access and more. “Although it was interesting, and you could learn about an app, it wasn’t a behavior that anybody would do every single day, or even every single week,” said Sheffield Nolan, CEO of AppRedeem. Read More

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