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The Guardian: Shazam Generates $300 Million a Year in Digital Sales
/ February 28, 2013 2:12 pm

The Guardian reports that Shazam’s business based on people tagging music playing in the real world and in TV shows and ads is seeing significant growth. Shazam announced that it has reached 300 million users, who have tagged something through the company’s app, and they’re making purchases from download stores such as iTunes and Amazon to the tune of $300m per year. Shazam’s EVP of Marketing, David Jones said, “20% of all iPhones in the US used Shazam last month, and in some European countries like France, Germany and the UK we’re seeing closer to 30% or 40%. And we’re currently adding at least 2m new users a week, and more than 3m some weeks.”  Read more

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