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Reuters: Microsoft Releases IE 10 browser for Windows 7
/ February 27, 2013 12:10 pm

Reuters reports that Microsoft Corp has just released Internet Explorer 10 to millions of new users for Windows 7, in the hope that the latest version of its browser will regain the trust of customers, who may have moved to Google’s Chrome or another browser. Internet Explorer 10 isn’t new to the scene, it was released on Windows 8 and claims improved performance, better privacy and support the latest web standards, plus include integrated spell-checking and auto-correct tools. IE 10 is reportedly 20 percent faster at loading websites as compared to its predecessor IE 9.  Read more

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  • Of course that millions of customers moved to another browser, there are ten-times-better browsers than IE, unfortunately for them. My favorite one among them is Torch Browser, which is based on the competitors code, chromium.

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