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TechCrunch: Nexon Revenues Grow 39% to $331.4 Million
/ February 13, 2013 1:20 pm

TechCrunch reports that Nexon, the Asian gaming giant, which went public at about the same time that Zynga did, saw its Q4 revenues soar 39 percent to 30.9 billion Japanese yen ($331.4 million). The company still reported an overall loss of 94 million yen ($1 million) due to writedowns in various investments and higher tax costs in South Korea. Nexon raised $1.2 billion after a late 2011 IPO, though its stock hasn’t done as poorly as Zynga’s in the last year. Nexon is expecting that its PC business is going to be more or less flat this quarter, but expects its mobile games to grow thirty-fold year-over-year.  Read more

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