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Multichannel News: TWC Believes Netflix is Withholding Content to Gain ‘Unprecedented’ Access to ISPs
/ January 17, 2013 3:42 pm

Multichannel News reported yesterday that Time Warner Cable (TWC) has said in an interview that it is in discussions with Netflix on terms for connecting into Netflix’s private content delivery network (CDN), but it believes that Netflix is “unfairly holding back content in” trying to get preferential treatment from Internet service providers.  The TWC spokesperson told Multichannel: “While they call it Open Connect, Netflix is actually closing off access to some of its content while seeking unprecedented preferential treatment from ISPs. We believe it is wrong for Netflix to withhold any content formats from our subscribers and the subscribers of many other ISPs. Time Warner Cable’s network is more than capable of delivering this content to Netflix subscribers today.” Read more.

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