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Broken Negotiations: YouTube and German Music Royalty Authority, GEMA, Still Can’t Come to Terms 3 Years Later
/ January 11, 2013 3:57 pm

After 3 years, German YouTube viewers are still unable to watch certain music videos due to a copyright dispute.   GEMA, Germany’s music royalties authority, declared today that they broke off their negotiations with YouTube, claiming that YouTube has violated their copyright laws by allegedly allowing the unauthorized use of 1,000 music tracks on its website.  GEMA is now seeking a €1.6 million compensation.  Additionally, GEMA wants YouTube to remove messages on the blocked music videos that blame GEMA for not allowing select videos to be played.

YouTube maintains that it is not responsible for the content its users upload on its website.  Read more.

Photo by Flickr user dannysullivan, used under Creative Commons license

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