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Magic Ruby joins with Delivery Agent’s TV Wallet for synced second-screen commerce
/ December 19, 2012 4:29 pm

Second-screen infrastructure company Magic Ruby has joined Delivery Agent’s TV Wallet developer program, enabling Magic Ruby to add commerce capabilities to its projects.

The two companies already worked together on the Sons of Anarchy app for FX, developed by Magic Ruby and with commerce powered by Delivery Agent’s TV Wallet (see demo video, below). The app syncs with the show either live or on the Season 4 Blu-ray Disc, and among other second-screen features it allows fans to shop for authentic merchandise they see on screen or licensed goods.

Magic Ruby’s two-way synchronization technology enables it to develop white label second-screen experiences that sync with broadcast, cable TV, VOD and Blu-ray media, adding social network integration, a content management system, and now contextual commerce.

Current Magic Ruby clients include FX Network, Fox Home Entertainment and the Weinstein Company. Delivery Agent has NBCUniversal, Twentieth Century Fox, CBS, Discovery Communications, A+E Television Networks, HBO, Showtime, UFC, New York Knicks and others on its client roster.

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