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Buzz Watch: Kevin Rose Demos Qik for the iPhone
/ October 21, 2008 1:12 pm

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and Revision3, demos Qik live streaming video app for the iPhone on his blog (video embedded above). These new streaming services, including uStream, are very cool. Not long ago you needed a ton of equipment and a satellite-upload truck to achieve what you can basically do now with a cell phone and a Qik account. For free! But to put this in perspective, the promise of streaming video from mobile phones is nothing new. I remember video-calling being the much-hyped new "killer-app" for 3G-phones back in Europe many years ago. It flopped. The difference now is that the market is ready for these services and it’s about one-to-many and not one-to-one. The devices are also better, video-sharing websites widely used and the combination of video streaming and running a text-chat seem to be a winning combo.

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