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Social Network Shutters After Investors Bail
/ September 29, 2008 2:22 pm

Los Angeles –, a social network and blogging platform that had raised at least $7.6 million from investors including Universal Music Group and Discovery Communications, announced on Monday that it is shutting down, effective immediately.

"The crisis in the economy has claimed Uber as its latest victim," reads a note on

"Our investors have decided to stop supporting Uber and we have closed the doors."

Valleywag reported the site was attracting just 500,000 monthly users in May, citing Nielsen Online data, while Uber CEO Scott Sassa pegged visitors at 2 million.


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  • It looks like has given some more time! Saved by the bell?

  • I used to use Uber. It was cool. Idk, I was bummed it shut down, but then had just launched my own site anyway. And they could have been telling the truth w/ stats. VISITORS and USERS aren’t the same. I think everyone knows that. People can visit a blog w/o being a user of Blogger. Same principle.

  • i loved that site i was a user and i miss it soo much :(
    i hope it comes back up someday..
    it was the best site ever!
    way better then facebook and myspace!
    even twitter :(

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