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Napster Increases Music Subscription Service Prices by 30%
/ January 4, 2008 2:52 pm

Los Angeles – Napster (NASD: ┬áNAPS) has increased the subscription fees for its digital music service by about 30%, from $9.95 per month to $12.95 per month, the company said in an e-mail to subscribers.

Napster said that the hike represented its first price increase in four years, and will be implemented on Jan. 30.

Current subscribers will be allowed to renew their subscriptions at the old price if they sign up for an additional year of service.


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  • Eh, who cares about Napster…

    If Apple starts selling lossless tracks and keeps its price, I’ll actually start buying a lot more music.

  • Remember when Apple raised the price of some EMI songs by 30% and started calling them iTunes Plus songs because they were higher quality and DRM free? Napster’s price hike is kinda like that except without the change in quality and subscribers don’t have a choice (except to unsubscribe and lose all their music).

    Remember when Apple reduced the price of their iTunes Plus songs by 30 cents?

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