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Nintendo, Hong Kong Team on Mod Chip Factory Raid
/ October 23, 2007 4:01 pm

Redmond, Wash. – Nintendo has announced that, at the company's request, the Hong Kong High Court has ordered raids on an operation that was distributing "mod chips," which can be added to its DS and Wii game systems to enable support for pirated games.

The Oct. 8 raid of Supreme Factory Limited facilities included the seizure of more than 10,000 game-copying devices and mod chips, the company said.

Supreme Factory Limited was also found to have ties to a French company, Divineo SARL, and both that company and its principal, Max Louarn, were named in legal actions hatched by Nintendo.

The High Court prohibited the companies from further distribution of the devices, and from disposing a portion of their assets worldwide, which have been frozen pending outcome of the legal proceedings.

Nintendo was awarded more than $5 million in damages by the Hong Kong High Court in a previous action taken against another mod chip distributor, Lik Sang.

The company claims an estimated $762 million in sales were lost in 2006 by itself and some 100 other companies in the business of making Nintendo games, due to counterfeits.


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