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Report: Don Imus Returns to Radio on No. 1 Talk Station
/ October 15, 2007 2:14 pm

Don Imus will reportedly join WABC on December 3rdThe nation’s #1 talk radio station, WABC in New York City, will host the resurrection of Don Imus’s Imus in the Morning when it airs on December 3rd, according to the Drudge Report.  Said an unnamed source, "We'll have him on a standard 40-second delay. Don is rested, humbled, and ready for war!"

The comeback follows Imus’s firing by CBS and MSNBC after his questionable comments regarding the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.  The source said Imus’s deal is for 8-figures over several years, signed with WABC’s parent company, Citadel Broadcasting.

No official announcements regarding potential guests of the show were discussed, though Hillary Clinton’s name was targeted by the source:
"Hillary, prepare to meet your maker!" 

Clinton visited the Rutgers team and praised their response to Imus, calling his comments "small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism." Imus called Clinton’s actions around the event “shameless exploitation.”

Also, according to the Drudge Report, Barbara Walters will interview Imus in an upcoming special.


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  • It’s too bad that more attention wasn’t paid to the real bigot in this Imus fiasco, Al Sharpton. Sure Imus was out of line, but it still didn’t compare with the self promoting bigotry of Rev. Al and the Black supremist group, NAACP. No form of bigotry is OK, ever, but we we are afraid as a society to take on these self serving, individuals and groups. Black or White, Let’s be fair.

  • I agree with Kevin wholeheartedly. Right as this fiasco happened, I also championed the words that Al Sharpton (I refuse to call him Reverand, hasn’t earned it) and Jesse Jackson were media whores, who the minute there is the slightest error of verbage against the black community, they are waltzing down the middle of streets with their throngs behind them or up on platforms loudly professing how the white or whites have wronged the blacks, making sure the cameras are rolling. This does nothing but stir up hate and/or anger. Imus made a stupid mistake. But having listened to Imus for years, he and his crew work together like a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, or like Abbott and Costello. In listening to the audio it is clear that Bernard blurted out a comment, and as usual, Don Imus responded with a remark, but did it off the tip of his tongue without thinking. It wasn’t done deliberately, but as a team performing adlib. He has said things that have hurt other’s feelings, example the decorative plate that Loretta Lynn gave him and what he did with it. Then, to add to it, he even told her some time later what he had done. You could tell that he really hurt her feelings and it upset me a lot that he did that. But, again he wasn’t thinking. I didn’t hear the woman’s groups out parading around claiming abuse against women after that incident. I feel they would have had more right in that instance then the blacks did in the “Nappy” comment. Well, enough, let’s hope Imus gets his just deserts and let’s loose on the hypocrisy of the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s of the black community like the ones who let OJ The Butcher off the hook.
    This is my opinion, and I hope that I am still free enough within the U.S. to voice my opinion. This freedom willingly allows opposition by opinion of my opinion, but be fair and back it with facts not emotion.

  • Can’t say that I like his work, but he’s definitely not a silly guy :)

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