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iPhone Repositioned for Onslaught of Touchscreen Alternatives
/ September 13, 2007 10:09 am

Armani's Samsung P520 - Another iPhone Clone?“If you build it, they will come.” So true, Kevin Costner.  So true.  But in 2007 the “it” is the iPhone, and “they” are every other phone manufacturer in the world.  To no surprise the iPhone has spawned imitators, even from the fashion industry.  Apple has somehow positioned itself as both a technology and fashion accessory company, this we already know.  But now the traditional fashion companies are feeling the heat and sensing the opportunity, throwing their own recognizable brands in the mix.  The latest is Armani, who has attached its name to the new Samsung P520, much the way Prada paired with LG for the KE850.

In 2007 the “Touchscreen Phone” is it, folks.  Nokia recently launched their campaign (see the commercial here), and anyone who fails to join the game ASAP will be finding serious struggles in 2008.

And now Apple has repositioned the iPhone price.  The new $400 price tag seems like a major bargain compared to Armani’s $550 debt creator.  Gizmodo, for one, isn’t overly impressed, calling it “relatively sleek” and a “neutered iPhone.” That means the extra $150 is going to…what?  The opportunity to have the Armani name on your phone?  Not sure people will buy that.

Fact is, a race is on to get these phones in consumers’ hands, and Steve Jobs obviously thought price would be a factor (and he’s probably spot on).  We’ve come to trust Apple’s technology, and as a fashion accessory, the brand is well positioned to compete with the traditionalists like Prada and Armani (and even Nokia, a company that has aligned itself with a perception of luxury over the years).

Scott Goldberg

Waiter, the iPhone Tastes a Little Fishy

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