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MTV Kills Kanye West with Kindness Following VMA Tirade
/ September 12, 2007 7:55 am

Is Kanye West really finished with MTV?After the Video Music Awards last Sunday, Kanye West said he felt “betrayed” by MTV on New York radio station Z100, and launched complaints about the unfair treatment the network showed its most infamous act, Britney Spears.  “They exploited Britney in helping her to end her career,” he said (you can listen to the interview here).  He also complained about the venue for his performance at the VMAs (the Palms Casino luxury suite as opposed to the main stage), and declared he was finished working with MTV (a more R-rated version of his complaints backstage at the VMAs can be seen here).

"For me, (MTV) made it seem like performing on the main stage was a bad thing, and the suites were just so great. It was my dream when I made 'Stronger' to open up the VMAs with a real power performance.  And I just feel like I got betrayed by them.  I feel like they tried to make it seem like I was so into everything that was going on in the show."

Now sources say Kanye chose the suite over the main stage because he wanted the feel of a live show as opposed to the latter, which had tables and chairs. 

Who knew Kanye West was such a diva?

But MTV has taken the rapper and producer’s words to heart, and launched a counterassault of the “Kill ‘em with Kindness” sort.  "MTV has a long and collaborative relationship with Kanye and we hope and look forward to continuing that meaningful relationship," MTV said in a statement Tuesday.  

Artfully, however, MTV chose the next part of its statement in an apparent attempt to lightly remind Mr. West of its power, influence, and reach, adding a slightly condescending tone: "Kanye West is a visionary performer and he didn't let his fans down at this year's VMA's.  From his incredible renditions of ‘Stronger’ and ‘The Good Life,’ to the spectacular aerial shots from his multi-level suite which made for one of the grandest visuals of the night, the audience feedback on has been overwhelming. In fact, he is the only artist to have three performances ranked in the top 15 on"

The network even managed to carry the tone of its statement into its official stance on Britney’s performance: "Britney Spears has had so many memorable, high-energy performances at the VMAs over the years and no one wanted to see her succeed more than her MTV fans and MTV."

But not that they’re upset about the decision to have her open the show: the VMA ratings were up 23% this year over last, according to reports. 

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