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More Information Than You Need About the iPhone
/ June 22, 2007 2:23 pm

If you are like us, you are curious to see if the iPhone (or the JesusPhone as Valleywag calls it) will live up to the hype. But watching this video that Apple has put up on its website is just too painful. If you can make it through the over 20 minutes of product presentation in which a robot-like and, frankly, kind of creepy guy explains to you like you were a five-year-old all the detailed features of the iPhone, good for you, we couldn't.

Thankfully, there are blogs such as Gizmodo that will provide a summary. Here are some of the take-aways from the presentation as they see it:

• Confirmed in-line viewer for PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel docs in email. Microsoft complained about lack of support before.
• Turning off the phone requires you to slide your finger across the top (like unlocking it) to confirm.
• You can rewind voicemail like a sound file.
• You can finger-scroll through contacts using the alphabet on the right.
• The special iPhone headphones have volume and call control.
• IMAP/POP support confirmed
• Typing with two thumbs actually looks manageable
• Limited amount of ringtones can be selected from the settings menu. Doesn't look like songs can be used.

Joakim Baage

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