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Analysis: Google Traffic To Wikipedia up 166% Year over Year
/ February 16, 2007 7:25 pm

The following is a blog entry from Lee-Ann Prescott at Hitwise: We have been asked to shed some insight on how much traffic Wikipedia receives from Google. Hitwise data showed that for the week ending Feb 10, 2007, 70% of Wikipedia's upstream visits came from search engines, with 50% from Google alone. Google's share of Wikipedia's upstream traffic from Google has increased by 19% over the past year (week ending 2/10/07 vs. week ending 2/11/06), at the same time that Wikipedia's market share of US visits increased by 143%.

If it seems like Google is sending more traffic to Wikipedia than in the past, it's because it is. The percentage of Google's downstream traffic going to Wikipedia increased by 166% year over year (week ending 2/10/07 vs. week ending 2/11/06). Last week Wikipedia was the #3 website in Google's downstream, after Google Image Search and MySpace.

Note: all data referred to is US only. includes Other language sites tracked separately.

This post originally appeared on Hitwise blog here.


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