All Stories Identifies Songs Users Sing, Whistle Into a Computer Mic
/ January 26, 2007 3:13 pm

Sunnyvale, Calif. – Melodis Corporation, a developer of search and sound recognition technologies, on Friday introduced a free service that lets users search for music by singing, whistling or humming a few bars of a song to identify the track.

The service returns a list of song samples that are potential matches for the section of the song sung or whistled by the user.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Melodis said the technology that powers is its Mutimodal Adaptive Recognition System (MARS), which extracts a variety of features from the tune including speech, pitch, tempo, and even the location of pauses.

Melodis has licensed 2 million tracks that will sell, providing links from song sample matches. The site also allows users to contribute to the service by tagging their favorite songs — recording themselves singing the tune and saving the sample to the site.

The Melodis management team is comprised mostly of graduates from Stanford University.


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  • You may be able to enable it if you have the built-in microphone headphones that you can get from Apple. It’s a free app, so if you get the microphone headphones, you can try it out.

  • I think the Idea of Midomi is really cool cos if you have a pc mic, then it’s almost always connected to your pc anyways. If you’ve forgotten most of the parts of a song and can only humm a little portion, Midomi helps u find that song – how awesome!!. Moreover, u can record your own version of songs and so on. I personally think is the music search engine of the future.

  • Okay now if you’re educated a professional singer, in europe and it can’t recognize what song your singing I say that this is the lamest piece of S*** cheating false fake SO BAD idea that has ever been made! It doesn’t work! I’m looking for this super famous song from the 60ies and it suggests that what I’m singing (and I’m a goddamn pro!) is nelly furtado i’m like a bird! They share ONE note together but otherwise it’s completely different! WHAT a piece of talentless CR**! Do not use or support this! And what a shame cause the idea is good. How unprofessional!

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