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GoDaddy Yanks Security Site Offline After MySpace Complaint
/ January 26, 2007 11:46 am

San Francisco – After receiving a complaint from MySpace about a security-related website whose archives included a list of MySpace user names and passwords, domain name registrar GoDaddy summarily suspended the account of, which houses 250,000 pages, CNET reported.

Site owner Fyodor Vaskovich said MySpace made no effort to contact him first, and that GoDaddy pulled the plug with no prior notice to him, and without a court order.

"They didn't tell me why they removed the site," Vaskovich told "At a very minimum, we should get warning."

GoDaddy, which has registered over 18 million domain names, defended its actions.

"We tried to contact the registrant, but they were not available at the time," GoDaddy general counsel Christine Jones told "To protect the MySpace users from potentially having private information revealed, we removed the site."

Vaskovich told he is now seeking a new registrar "who doesn't immediately bend over for any large corporation who asks."


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  • reading about godaddy and I ended up here. I read more than just this site so I know that Alice in wonderland who posted a comment in August 2009 doesn’t know the whole story but one thing I hate more than many things about GoDaddy (such as their lack of responding to domain shut downs due to being registered by spammers and scamming people .. yet they are fast to shut down security sites .. how does that make any sense?) is spam! I can’t stand spam! How come the comments on here are not moderated? And what a very poor captcha!

  • I work for a Las Vegas security website and I know for sure the court would never side with Vaskovich, his website was clearly attempting to gather information from people and pass it on without their consent.

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