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CES: Nokia Unveils the Nifty N800 Internet Tablet
/ January 9, 2007 3:18 pm
Nokia N800 2Las Vegas – Nokia's new N800 Internet Tablet, unveiled yesterday at the International CES, is a beautiful little device that packs quite a lot of punch, and stylishly so, into a small machine (only 7.27 ounces).  The high resolution widescreen color display (800×480 pixels) is large enough to be easy on the eyes, and for $400 it offers nearly everything you'd get from a laptop, making it a worthwhile investment.  There's also a handy camera that pops out from the upper left corner, making video conferencing on-the-go a breeze.  Conveniently for your thumbs, and for the sake of efficiency, a full screen finger keyboard is available by rubbing your thumb over the screen.

Nokia N800

One downside, for now, is the quality of video playback on sites like YouTube.  It's as good as anything available on mobile devices, but the quality of the screen resolution is so sharp for all other functions that you're convinced the N800 will perform as well with video.  For now, it does not.  

Among the most impressive features, unsurprising though it may be, is the docking device for your car, turning the N800 into a personal navigation device.

With internet calling using WiFi and plenty of space for additional memory cards, the N800 is a standout at a show full of interesting new products.

Scott Goldberg

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