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Google to Begin Test of Service that Sells U.S. Radio Ads Online
/ November 8, 2006 4:09 pm

Los Angeles – Google plans to begin testing a version of its AdWords online advertising sales system for the terrestrial radio market by the end of the year, Reuters reported.

The confirmation of the Google Audio Ads service test from Google spokesman Michael Mayzel follows the company's announcement this week that it will also expand into selling print advertising in 50 U.S. newspapers. In January, Google acquired dMarc Broadcasting, a company that sells radio ad space online.

"Google is hiring salespeople in most major markets and they're hiring sales people to sell radio," Bill Figenshu, chief operating officer at dMarc rival Softwave Media Exchange, told Reuters. Figenshu added that three people he had spoken with said Google is in talks to buy $1 billion in radio ad inventory from Clear Channel.

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