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/ November 7, 2006 2:28 am
Digital Media Wire, Inc. appreciates that our readers entrust their names and email addresses to us when they sign up to receive any of our email newsletters or register for our site.  We accept this responsibility and have taken steps to respect and protect their privacy.  We do not share our subscriber lists and rarely send third party dedicated email blasts. Occasionally, we send email to our readers announcing upcoming Digital Media Wire events, partner events and new services from Digital Media Wire, Inc., its affiliated company, CapWire Inc. and the Tech Wire Media Group related publications (currently Potomac Tech Wire, New England Tech Wire, Southeast Tech Wire, Bay Area Tech Wire).  We reserve the right to change  this policy and will strive to keep this Privacy Policy up-to-date.  For questions or comments, please email:

Privacy Policy Updated On: September 15, 2008


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